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From safeguarding your home from floods to giving it an aesthetic edge, relocating can serve many purposes. Regardless of why you wish to lift and level your home, for the process, you are going to need adequate professional help for house lifting Auckland.

Reef View Construction Ltd is one of the leading house lifting and levelling services in Auckland and surrounding areas.

We understand that your house relocating projects matter a great deal to you, and we are aware of the complications that may occur. Keeping all the pointers in mind, we commence the process of lifting and house relocation in Auckland.

Our experience of over 15 years enables us to perfectly handle even the trickiest projects. Contact us now to discuss your requirements.


Finding the right house location service in Auckland can often be a challenge. You want to ensure that the project is handled perfectly, but you may also have several concerns and budget constraints.

At Reef View Construction, we prioritise our customers’ concerns and constraints. Based on your specific needs, requirements, and relocation budget, we’ll offer our best house lifting services.

Our quick, clean, and convenient relocation services have earned us a good reputation among our clients. If you have a house relocation project or plan that you want to implement, get in touch with us today.

If you don’t have a plan, don’t worry. We also excel in handling projects from start to finish. Not just house lifting, but house building and home renovation too. So, no matter your requirement, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Relocating your house isn’t the easiest of bets. From feasibility to affordability, everything has to be considered, and then the appearance of the lifted home should also be spot on.

This can’t be made possible without an expert house lifting service. At Reef View Construction, we offer our clients on-demand house lifting and relocation services in Auckland and surrounding areas.

Whether you have an idea for relocation or just want it done from scratch, at Reef View, we handle home lifting projects of all types. Plus, our experience and in-depth knowledge enable us to deliver top-quality results in every project.


It’s important to hire a qualified and reliable house levelling & lifting service for your home’s project. Any discrepancies in such cases can lead to severe fiascos which will be highly unpleasant.

At Reef View Construction, we take pride in our top-quality workmanship for offering the best house levelling, lifting and building services in Auckland. Whether you are planning to lift your house for flood prevention or for aesthetic purposes, we can do the job perfectly.

With over 15 years of experience handling several house levelling & lifting projects in Auckland and neighbouring areas, we know what’d be the right plan for your house.

To start your home lifting, levelling and relocation project at the earliest, contact us now. We have lifted 1000s of houses in the past and aim to lift as many as required.


What is the average cost to lift a house?

House lifting services entirely depend on the size of your house and the location. It also depends on whether you are planning to relocate or build underneath or for foundation repairs and maintenance.

Is it possible to relocate a house?

Yes, it is possible to relocate a house. At Reef View Construction Ltd., we specialise in just that. We provide our clients with highly professional, on-demand house lifting and relocation services Auckland-wide.

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