If you like the location of where you live, but your home isn’t quite working then improving your existing home is a smart choice. You can keep the parts of your house that you love and then carefully make changes to the rest. 

  • Although many people lump home alterations, additions and renovations together – they are different. Alterations include any changes that are made to an existing building. 
  • Additions involve adding to an existing building. 
  • Renovations involve making updates to an existing building or restoring it to an upgraded condition.


  1. We are qualified builders and have been in the industry for many years.
  2. Be among our many happy customers.
  3. We follow a project management approach to our new builds. (Meet the customer to understand their requirements, project initiation, resourcing and planning, design, actual work, project completion and chance to have final chat to customer.
  4. We are local to Auckland.

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