How to Choose the Right Home Extension Company in Auckland?

Building a home extension is no less than a dream for every homeowner. Extensions give you a great get away from your main residence.

But, to build a home extension in Auckland you must have the right people at your disposal. In other words, choosing the right company to build your home extension is paramount.

That is because experienced builders will thoroughly inspect your area, suggest the right location for construction, use advanced tools, give you a genuine price quote and finish the construction within a stipulated time.

So, how do you find such professionals? Well, here are four tips that will help:

Have they worked on a similar project before?

To have the right builders working for you, it is important to assess their portfolio first. Most builders would be happy to showcase their previous works and connect you to their previous clients.

In cases where builders have a tie-up with their clients, you can even visit the properties physically and inspect their work.

Genuine builders never shy away from opening themselves up to you. They understand that home extensions are not an off-the-peg purchase as they must have a convincing portfolio.

Check out their certification and behaviour. 

As much as you ponder upon their previous work, you must also check their certification and accreditations.

Every builder in New Zealand must be registered with CBANZ (New Zealand Certified Builders Association) and RMBA (Registered Master Builders Association).

Therefore, you must check if they are genuinely certified by these authorities or not.

Besides that, you must also take the time to observe their behaviour. Are they polite on the phone? Are they excited about working with you?

Their behaviour matters greatly as they will spend at least a few days in your backyard. A friendly person working for you is always a big plus.

Make sure the quotation has everything included in it.

A quotation can be tricky at times. Some builders want to win the job and quote a far lesser price up front, but they make up for it later by revealing the hidden costs.

To evade these tricks, we recommend contacting at least three builders and asking all of them to give their quotes.

Evaluate the quotation on a like-for-like basis. In other words, evaluate the value of each element in all three quotations and see the difference in their price.

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Make sure that your builder is familiar with planning laws.

Auckland authorities are strict when it comes to extension planning. Not that they are against it, but as a homeowner, they need you to have the planning permission to build an extension.

For a piece of land, only a certain size is permitted. Therefore, it is important to choose a builder who is well aware of the planning laws in Auckland.

Such builders will help you pass inspection tests and prepare your paperwork for future enquiry.

Final Thoughts

A home extension is a great add-on to your property. You can move there for a few days and customise it how you want.

However, finding the right builders can be a challenging task. That is why these four points mentioned above will be of great help.

So, use these points for insights and find the best extension builders in Auckland.

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