Designing trends that look dated in your present kitchen!

Designing trends that look dated in your present kitchen!

Décor trends have the tendency to change themselves very frequently! The decor theme that you opted for in your home previously may be considered old fashioned now. And if you designed your kitchen some years back, there is a very high possibility that it already looks dated now. Yes, from the way your belongings are kept in the room to the visual appeal that this place exudes, everything has probably gone out of the trends now and certainly requires a much-needed change.

Ø  The trends that you wouldn’t want to see in your kitchen ever again!

We always want each part of our home to look pleasant and trendy as well. But for that you have to keep changing the décor style and themes with the help of experts in home and bathroom renovation in Auckland and according to the latest trends in home décor. But sometimes you don’t even know what is outdated in your home or kitchen.  

o   The plain white décor theme — The monotonous plain white kitchen doors, cabinet and walls are a thing of yesterday. Your twenty first century kitchen won’t look good in just this plain shade. A dash of super cool hues is certainly required to make your kitchen look fabulous once again.

o   Woody wood everywhere— We know wood is classy and never goes out of trend! But if your kitchen commences with a wooden door, has wooden shelves and cabinets everywhere, and even the floor is of hardwood, then it is dated already. We aren’t living in the medieval period anymore and today’s kitchen renovation in Auckland by Reef View Construction is all about mixing various elements, textures etc. They are great workmen who can mix and match various elements and ideas for your kitchen’s renovation to create a cooking space that is visually appealing.  

o   Open shelves and narrow drawers — Open and huge shelves are actually a bygone fashion. Today, in the world of modular kitchens, you’ll hardly find any design with open shelves and restricted sizes of drawers. Instead, accept the latest trend with wide bespoke drawers to accommodate your specific needs and closed cabinets to keep everything concealed and make the space look neat.

o   Too many islands and that too irregular — One island or two is alright for any functional kitchen. But having more than two in a single kitchen and that too ones that aren’t levelled uniformly is something that we saw in grandmama’s kitchens.

o   A rush of clutter and cabinets —Having extra ovens, stove, appliances like an extra dishwasher or grinder is totally not acceptable in today’s kitchen. Today everything is clean and compact. Even wall to wall cabinetry that touches the ceiling makes your kitchen look like a storeroom. Your eye needs resting space in the form of backsplash, clear wall spaces – that is what would add drama, persona, and character to your kitchen decor.  

So does your kitchen tick any of these boxes from the above checklist? Then it is time to give it a renovation and make it look trendy and compact just as the present trends are!

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