Adding a half bathroom in home? Read this guide!

Adding a half bathroom in home? Read this guide!

Today, everyone considers adding a half bathroom or a powder room necessary in their home. It not only adds convenience but also increases market value.  But did you know that the concept of a powder room existed even in the Victorian era where people could excuse themselves in the pretext of powdering one’s wig or nose. And from there the name got coined.

Ø  Essential pointers to think of when adding a half bathroom in your home!

Though any kind of house renovation in Auckland requires careful consideration, a half bathroom specifically demands a lot of planning and thoughtfulness. Since the space is less and its usage is very high, you need professional tips for the correct execution.  

o   The location of the half bathroom — First of all, remember that wherever you are adding this half bathroom, it should be easily accessible for you and your family. We can suggest some ideal spaces like in a corner of your living room, just outside your guest room, near your hallway, under your staircase, etc.

o   The area for this room — Now consider the space you will require for the half bathroom before the construction. Basically, a half bathroom includes only a compact toilet and a washbasin, that’s it. Yes, you can add some cabinets or drawers just above the washbasin or below it, but nothing beyond that. So, you’ll require around 12 square feet of area in your house for this.

o   Plumbing matters — You definitely can’t forget the plumbing line when you are adding a bathroom to your home. Reef View Constructions LTD, providing bathroom renovation in Auckland along with other house construction services, suggests you consider this aspect first before planning the half bathroom. Because without a proper plumbing line, obviously the idea of a half bathroom will be a total scrap. So, call your plumber at the very first instant and get the idea and layouts of the plumbing lines and the drainage system.

o   Don’t forget the door — Normally, when you are opting for a half bathroom it is because you are low on space. So, the idea of adding a door here has to be considered very minutely. You can either opt for a swing in door that lets you in and out of the bathroom without occupying much space or simply consider a sliding door for ease and convenience.

o   The types of sinks and faucets — Practically, when you are adding a sink and some faucets in a half bathroom, it should be of very basic design. But if you have a nice budget and want to have a lavish powder room in your house, then there are various types of designer sinks available which hardly occupy much space. The same goes with the faucets as well. Pick the one that you think will serve the purpose well and look good in this compact space.

After these basics, all you are left with are choosing beautiful wall and floor finishes, a rug, a big mirror for creating an illusion of larger space, the right kinds of light for pizzazz. And if you have some extra space, then maybe you could add a seating (a transparent acrylic chair does the job without taking up any visual space). If we consider the recent research, there are lots of buyers who are ready to pay around 10% more for your house because of this half bathroom. Do you need any more reason to add one to your home?

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